Develop With Confidence.

Welcome to Anu Developments.

Anu Developments operates in the Greater Edmonton, and Calgary markets, with a focus on multifamily rental, and condo development projects.

In addition, our history as a custom home builder continues to be an important part of our story as a business.    


Strategy separates success from shortfall 

With over $140 Million in projects are various stages of design, development, and construction, Anu Developments brings its expertise in underwriting, development management, and project performance to each and every project.

Custom Single Family Homes

At Anu Developments, we have not forgotten our roots in custom home construction. Our team starts with you from the ground up, assisting in every facet of design and construction, to maximize the efficiency of your build.  

Transparency in design and construction.

Through open communication, daily on-site inspections by our site supervisors, key on-site touchpoints with our customers and contractors, we’re able to provide results on point, on budget and on schedule.

Residential Homes

True custom built dream homes at every price point, and in any location. Whether you dream of living in a master planned suburban community, or on that dream infill lot, we’re here to make it a reality.

Commercial Projects

Build custom commercial with ANU Developments. Our expertise in custom design, project management and energy efficient design can help you maximize your development’s potential

Multi Family Buildings

We bring our value-added custom building practices to the world of multifamily, allowing our customers to build multifamily investment properties that maximize ROI.

Building neighborhoods by respecting the character of its surroundings.