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Our Story

ANU Developments began in 2006 as a company which refurbished condos. In 2011 we started building new homes after a family member requested us to manage the construction of their home. We fell in love with the process and the results, so we decided to begin building spec houses. It wasn’t long after that when we decided we could offer clients a far better end product by building custom homes. In 2014, we started building custom homes for families, and in 2016 began multifamily construction, and development.

Today, we specialize in multifamily residential development.   

Our Process



Plan Again


A successful project starts with strong planning, followed by an extensive design phase, review. Once a project is designed, we step back, and examine the project with a new set of eyes; planning again, before taking that final step of execution. Whether it be construction of a custom estate home, or development of a highrise rental building, our process remains the same.

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