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Our Story

ANU Developments began in 2006 as a company which purchased, renovated, and sold condominium properties. In 2011 we began building single family custom homes after a family member requested my help to manage the construction of their home. I fell in love with the process and the results of home building, and decided to begin building spec houses for sale to the public. Soon, I realized that we could offer clients a far better end product than the market was offering, at a far better price, and with that value proposition in mind, I began building custom homes for sale to the market in 2014. In 2016, a previous customer approached us to help them build their first rental property, and that spurred the process of Anu Development’s foray into multifamily construction, and development.

Today, we specialize in multifamily residential development, and focus on bringing our unique skillset to the table to help develop high quality, top performing commercial assets to the community. 

With the support of our friends, family, trade partners and investors, Anu Developments continues to grow, and I look forward to our future.   

Our Process



Plan Again


At ANU Developments, a successful project starts with an extensive planning phase, followed by an thorough design phase. Once a project is designed, we step back, and examine the project with a new set of eyes; planning and designing again, before taking that final step of execution. During execution, the process repeats itself again, time and time again. We believe that profits are found in planning. 

Whether it be the construction of a custom estate home, the development of a high rise rental project, or aquisition and operation of an office building, our process remains the same.

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